Windows Phone 7 survives Pwn2Own unchallenged

Pwn2OwnThe annual Pwn2Own hackethon which pits security researches against popular targets like browsers and for the first time this year smartphones, is entering its last day, and many targets have already fallen.

This includes supposed secure targets like the Blackberry Torch and the attack hardened iPhone 4, both of which were hacked moments after being connected to a computer. 

Fortunately for Windows Phone 7, George Hotz (better known as GeoHot) pulled out of attacking the Dell Venue Pro, making it the only smartphone besides the Android Galaxy S to remain unscathed (No attempt was made to hack the Galaxy S either).

It is very likely that Windows Phone 7 would have fallen early, given its relative lack of maturity, but at least the OS was able to avoid embarrassing headlines which hit Apple each year when their Safari browser is regularly hacked in 5 seconds.

In this year’s contest Safari was hacked in the first day with a vulnerability which remains unpatched in the latest version. IE8 also fell, but Microsoft has confirmed the vulnerability is not present in their latest browser, IE9, which will be officially released on the 14th March.  Similar to Android and Windows Phone 7, no hackers attempted to crack Google Chrome.

Read more about the contest at ComputerWorld here.


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