Windows Phone 7 Student team wins AT&T Mobile Hackathon, Gdgt Seattle round


A week ago a student team from Redmond won AT&T’s Mobile Hackathon against 12 other teams with their Augmented Reality App Headshot.

The app used special signage worn by participants and data from the video camera play a virtual paintball game.

The app used the SLAR (Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit) to generate barcodes/identify users, programmed the whole app in C# (while using Visual Studio), and use IP Multicast to notifiy the other phones of events.

The team was headed by Preetum Nakkiran, who has just graduated from High School and who already has 3 apps in Marketplace.

The software was so impressive it was selected as the Seattle contribution to Gdgt’s Showbox SoDo event in the 5th August. The event will feature a number of top tech companies who will provide a glimpse of their best up-and-coming projects.

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