Windows Phone 7 series – the bad news



wp7crap There is a lot of good news in Windows Phone 7, not least being the renewed developer support for the OS and all the services it comes bundled with.

The OS also however comes with plenty of bad news for those who liked how Windows Mobile worked.

Some of these include:

  • No true multi-tasking, except for special hub apps like Pandora.
  • Marketplace is the only way to install apps, except for developers, beta versions and enterprise.
  • No removable storage.
  • No file system – apps can only access their own directory.
  • No USB drive mode.
  • No replacement of the default apps – while Opera will be allowed, it could not be the default browser.
  • No 3rd party shells
  • No native code
  • No peer to peer gaming.

Is there anything else about Windows Phone 7 that makes you want to stick with your Windows Phone 7 device forever?

Let us know below.


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