Windows Phone 7 Series Petition launched

Microsoft has seriously alienated the current Windows Mobile user group, and current user Blackwheel is not letting Microsoft go on his way without at least raising some noise.

I will send this off to Microsoft after a significant number of people have signed.

Here is the message:

“Windows Mobile:

Function: Extremely capable OS
Form: Dense, outdated user interface.

Windows Phone 7 Series:

Function: OS crippled by a lack of basic features
Form: Intuitive, modern user interface.

Microsoft has selected form over functionality and that is a decision we can not and will not support with our own monetary funds. Microsoft, you’re decision to neglect basic features such as…

– an open file system accessible to the user

– copy + paste

– true multitasking

– true customization

… has resulted in our collective decision to boycott all future Windows Phones until the above issues are addressed.”

Sign here:

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