Windows Phone 7 Push notifications detailed, may substitute for multi-tasking in some cases

Push notifications In a post that’s mainly for developers, Alex Golesh talks about the detailed implementation of Push notifications in Windows Phone 7 after the latest beta.

In Windows Phone 7 there will be 3 types of notifications, Raw HTTP notifications that go directly to running applications, TOAST notifications that display on-screen notifications that slide down slightly from the upper left corner and that con only consist of an icon, title and sub-title (which should allay some fears of massive advertising pop-up hell on Windows Phone 7), and finally Tile notifications, which are in some ways the most interesting, which consist of a title, count and most importantly a background image, which does not have to be local and can consist of up to 80 kb of data.

The last feature brings the most freedom to vastly increase the amount of information that can be sent down to the user, and means a tile could for example not just show the temperature, but also a radar map of the clouds in the area.  A traffic tile could show an updated view of the traffic jam info in the local area, or a stocks tile could show recent movement of the market, all without running any application locally.

While Windows Phone 7 will of course not support multi-tasking, this approach of moving the processing from the device into the cloud is an interesting new approach, and one wonders if it ties in in any way to Microsoft’s Azure platform that aims to do the same.

For full detail read Alex’s post here.