Windows Phone 7 Promotion on the Ellen DeGeneres show

Mobilitydigest has posted the above video  of a competition on the Ellen DeGeneres featuring the Windows Phone. A group of ten contestants were chosen to find a Chicago landmark using Bing search on the provided WP7 devices and take a picture of them kissing a stranger under a mistletoe. The winner received $10k cash and they, together with the rest of the contestants, got to keep the WP7 devices.

I think it is a good way to promote the OS because I believe that the more they can get these phones into peoples hands and let them experience the devices first hand, the better chance of penetration into the average consumers mindshare.  Although they hardly show the UI, the mere fact that they are talking about the OS  will create a curiosity in the audience and the people who won the phones if they choose to use them and enjoy the experience, will talk about it to their friends and spread the news to more people. Now if only Microsoft could get their own guys to all their partner stores to sell and help new customers with their devices because I’ve heard and experienced stores sales people who actively discourage customers from getting WP7 devices but instead point them towards iPhones and Androids. The in-store personnel are the weakest link in the adoption of the new OS, well… that and the scarcity of phones.

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