Windows Phone 7 OS update gotcha (Updated)



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When Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 to the world, one of the welcome changes was that they were going to be responsible for all the OS updates rather than the carriers. This change would finally end the carrier stranglehold on updates that plagued the old Windows Mobile, whereby they delayed, and in many cases refused to provide one at all because they wanted to sell new phones instead.

Well, it seems that we are unfortunately going to be at the mercy of the carriers again. According to Paul Thurrott on his latest Windows Weekly podcast #179 starting from minute mark 30:00,  WP7 OS updates will in fact go through the carriers instead of coming directly from Microsoft like Apple does with its IOS line of products. It gets even worse that carriers will be able to delay the updates up to one cycle! Why Microsoft made this baffling decision, I don’t know but it is sure to upset a lot of people. I have no faith in carriers doing the right thing and providing updates in a timely fashion as soon as they become available. I hope Microsoft comes to their senses and take charge on this very import aspect of the OS instead of leaving it up to the carriers who have a terrible track record when it comes to these matters.


My fellow editor Pradeep has gotten a confirmation with Oded Ran, head of Windows Phone 7 marketing in the UK that the updates will come directly from Microsoft and not the carriers. I still hope that Microsoft will post a clear detailed statement on how the updates will be delivered and what the carriers involvement if any, will be.

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