Windows Phone 7 May Come Ahead Of Time

When many of us think of Windows Phone, we think of an October launch. While that is not too far off, I am sure a July launch would be much better. It seems Engadget has a piece of paper that might point at a July 24th launch date at AT&T. This date has not been mentioned before in any Microsoft documents, and so it might be a little hard for the date to be accepted.

If I was to believe this is true, then I would have to say it most be due to the changes the Kin did to WP7’s development team. With the added help from the dropped project, that could equals to a bigger team that can do more, and maybe Steve is working hard to release it ahead of time.

Now on the other hand Engadget did mention “we’re told that cards like this have hit in July for September launches in the past” and that pretty much says… Don’t get too excited. If MS was to speed up the project and releasing of Windows Phone 7, it would not mean we would be able to get devices this fast from manufacturers like LG, Samsung, and HTC.

This would really be awesome if we could get devices released this early, but do not put your money on it.