Windows Phone 7 may bet Silverlight iPlayer competitor



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hd31600 TechRadar reports that Microsoft is launching a Hulu-like BBC iPlayer competitor tomorrow, after a successful trial.

The Silverlight-bases MSN service already has more than 1000 hours of video, and support by major UK content houses such as Endermol and Shed Media, and has been used by more than a million people in beta to watch full-length programmes, trailers and clips.

"We are expanding our catalogue to over 1,000 hours," explained MSN’s Rob Crossen. "We’ve signed a number of new deals…we’ve gone out there and sourced content that appeals to our audience.

"The other aspect is that we are launching a new platform and it really puts content at the centre. It’s not about other brands it’s really about programmes.

"The reasons we are chasing the audiences that we are is that we know there is advertiser demand for those audiences because they are very tech savvy.

"It’s not a discussion around getting thousands and thousands of hours [of content] it’s more about a targeted offering."

The platform is optimised for Microsoft’s Silverlight and some of the content is available in HD streaming at 720p on connections of 2Mbps and upwards.

When asked about the service coming to Windows Phone 7 he Crossen said:

"There are a number of ways that we could choose to explore."

"We have a fantastic product coming later in the year, but no fixed plans that we are announcing today.

"It’s a reflection of our users telling us what they want and they also express their views how they want their content and how they consume it so it’s absolutely no mystery to any of us how it could grow."

The service should be available at soon.

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