Windows phone 7 Marketplace now open to all developers, some good submission advice available




The Windows Phone 7 marketplace opened up a few weeks ago only for early registration, but now any developer can start submitting software at App Hub.

The process is not however as clear cut as it might appears, with some gothas along the way.

Adam Nathan, who is writing a book about developing for Marketplace, and has submitted more than 30 apps so far, has graciously shared his experience and some good advice.

He writes:

The Good:

  • The process can be very quick.  Some apps of mine have been live in the marketplace the day after I submit them.  It has usually taken 2-3 days, and sometimes a week.
  • The PNG upload process is slick, as you get an instant preview on the page after choosing each file.  (Although sometimes the file-choosing dialog doesn’t remember my current folder, which gets old really quickly.)
  • All screenshots (up to eight) are visible at the same time in your app listing in the marketplace, so you don’t have to stress as much about which screenshots should be your first few.
  • The app testers seem to be really good.  In my first submission of Crayon Cannon, they caught a light-theme-only bug, in which my Instructions page rendered white-on-white text.  In my first submission of Lottery Numbers Picker, they caught a bug in which tapping the "pick" button twice within a short span caused the app to crash.  Good stuff!
  • When your submission fails, the detailed test results can be pretty nice.  Although the whole download-a-PDF thing is overkill for me.  Just tell me in the email notifying me of the failure, please!
  • There seems to be no limit to the number/length of keywords you can associate with your app.  (BUT see the first bullet in "The Bad" for the rest of this story.)

For the bad and the ugly of the Windows phone 7 submission process read Nathan’s blog here.


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