Windows Phone 7 Market Place Idea

This last week I have been thinking of how MS will implement their marketplace on their main hub, and here is the way I would do it. If I worked with MS on ideas or design I would recommend them to make a simple tile that links to the marketplace application, and here is what I would make that tile do.

  1. Look Nice, and has some function behind it.
  2. Make it so when an app I have installed is updated. A guy wearing a marketplace shirt pops up and has a thought bobble saying “Updates Available” or something in that nature.
  3. Have a line of app icons that are always moving, and the apps displayed are either new or recommended applications.
  4. Make it so when you hold it and shake it, the tile can update with a new line of applications or a better function.

That is all I would love to have on the hub, and if that is possible, it would rock.

Do you guys have a new found love for Windows Phone 7 after Windows Phone live was announced yesterday? I know I do.