Windows Phone 7 “Mango” update will bring IE9 Mobile


10, 2011

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IE9 brings mobile geo-location support

ZDNet’s Mary Joe Foley has shaken down her contacts, and have come away with a few more bits for the rumour mill.

The first, somewhat obvious but still encouraging, is that the rumoured “Mango” update will bring HTML5 support to Windows phone 7 using a mobile version of IE9. Supporting this is that the RC release of IE9 contains geo-location support, which Microsoft said the browser inherited (a bit backwardly) from the mobile build of the software.

She also notes that the browser may not bring in-browser Silverlight support anymore, which is probably just as well, as it would likely slow the browser down.

Further updates, either with Mango, or after, should bring twitter integration to the People Hub, and 3rd party multi-tasking support.

Ominously Mary Joe suggests that Mango has slipped from August/September to “Holiday 2011”, and that  these may be the only updates for 2011, though apparently Paul Thurrott disagrees with this.

Read more at ZDNET here.

Thanks hAl for the tip.

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