Windows Phone 7 Mango emulator feature round-up

Despite the emulator not being unlocked yet, it does reveal surprisingly many features of Windows phone 7.5.  Robin.B on XDA-Developers has collected some of the discovered features, which I have reproduced below.


  • There’s a smart-dj feature
  • You can create and save playlists
  • There’s a "related artists" and bio under the artist tab, great for discovering music
  • Podcasts work well
  • You can’t "heart" songs (at least in the emulator)
  • There’s still no scrub controls

Bing & Maps

  • Bing maps has voice-guided directions as expected
  • You can show traffic on maps
  • Still no landscape maps
  • It’s now possible to scroll the mini-map while the text directions are on-screen
  • Bing music recognizes music like Shazam and clicking on the result will take you to zune marketplace
  • You can now unlock the phone using the search button, apparently
  • If you search for something on Bing that has an application equivalent; it will show you a link to the application within Bing.


  • Keyboard prediction has been improved a lot:
    It previously didn’t correct misspellings of many short words like ar -> at, fir-> for and br-> be), now it does.
    It also now corrects it if you press a letter instead of space between two words e.g. it will suggest "I’m about" if you type imnabout or imnaboit, and will suggest "How are you" if you type "hownarebyou"
  • The keyboard also corrects common misspellings like Profesional –> Proffesional
  • Keyboard tries to predict next word (as shown at 24th May event), e.g. If you type I, then "tr", it will suggest "tried", whereas in WP7 it will suggest nothing. This seems to work pretty well


  • Websites seem to render more accurately
  • Websites can use GPS data for location
  • Bing suggestions now appear when typing a search in IE as well
  • Text still looks garbled when really zoomed out
  • Tab animation has changed very subtly

General OS:

  • Same colour themes as last time
  • It appears you can’t "press and hold" the back button in the emulator, meaning possibly we can’t do multitasking, even in an unlocked emulator.


  • No changes in general layout. There seems to be a software camera button in the camera app
  • The camera now has an auto-fix feature for pictures.
  • It now seems to remember settings!

See his thread, which also includes many screen shots at XDA-Dev here.

Thanks Robin for the tip.