Windows Phone 7 Looking Better Than Ever In Video


24, 2010

Wow, Microsoft seems to be working on overdrive to bring Windows Phone 7 to perfection, and in this video you see some good quality stuff.  The video goes through all the things happening in Windows Phone 7 devices, and while watching it I saw a little Kin software in the camera. I remember while using the Kin that you simple slide left to view the images or back right to retake a picture.

This video also seem to have a device that is a bit bright. I am not sure if the device’s screen brightness is on all the way high, but it looks very great with the blue tiles (yes, he said it himself… Its called tiles, and they lead to hubs).

Going through some of the features, you can see Microsoft has improved the speed, stability, and all around look and feel of this upcoming mobile OS, and I will happily buy one.

Via: Pocketnow

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