Windows Phone 7 kill switch is old news

killswitchA day or so ago news of the Windows Phone 7 marketplace “kill switch” hit the headlines, which is pretty strange, as it was something we had known about all along, and a standard feature of any centrally controlled application store.

In June we wrote:

At around 36 min Loke notes that if developers breach the criteria for marketplace Microsoft can revoke their license, which will result in the application being uninstalled from all Windows Phone 7 devices carrying it.

which is of course not too different from:

“We could unpublish it from the catalogue so that it was no longer available, but if it was very rogue then we could remove applications from handsets – we don’t want things to go that far, but we could.”

I guess a little hysteria goes a long way, and it is better to be talked about than ignored (does anyone even know the Palm Pre has a  kill switch?).

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