Windows Phone 7 jailbreaking is under way, first milestone reached

wp7interopservicesLong Zheng reports that efforts to jailbreak Windows phone 7 and run unmanaged native code is under way.

It started when  user “hounsell” on noticed that accessing a DLL called “Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices” which gave OEM’s access to native code, would also do so for any other application.

 Australian developer Chris Walshie was subsequently able to create such an application using his developer certificate, which allows him to side-load applications. This application would then have full access to the phone, including the registry and file system.

While this is great progress, the hack still needs developer access to side-load the application in the first instance ($99 per year), as Microsoft would not allow such a subversive app in Marketplace, and research is continuing on ways to circumvent this requirement.

Do our readers feel jailbreaking is just what Windows phone 7 needs, or will this be a bane on development on the platform? Let us know below.