Windows Phone 7 games also getting Xbox Live Cloud Storage, cross-platform play

Xbox LIVE Cloud Storage Evolved
Speaker: Christopher Boedigheimer

With gaming spreading rapidly across devices, there is an ever increasing need to have service-based data sharing support. With our new, scalable, and flexible title storage service, developers will enjoy the ability to persist user-specific game data in the Xbox LIVE cloud! Come learn how to leverage these new RESTful APIs to enable cloud-based data storage for your cross-platform game titles.

A major new feature of the new the Xbox dashboard is cloud storage for games, meaning gamers can now start a game on one console and finish it on another simply by signing in on the other Xbox.

Now if the above Agenda entry for Microsoft’s Gamerfest Conference starting, August 22 at Washington State Convention Center, can be believed, Windows Phone 7 handsets will also be able to take advantage of this feature “for your cross-platform game titles” which suggests the dream of starting a game on your console and finishing it on your phone may come true after all.

Another titbit of note is that Microsoft is adding SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) support to the Windows Phone 7.5 tools, which should allow developers to wring even more performance out of the updated processors coming with the new handsets.

Read more at the Gamerfest website here.

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