Windows phone 7 gaining some accessory support–Klipsch making headphone remotes

klipschOne area one can judge how successful and ubiquitous a platform is by the amount of 3rd party accessories available for it.

Windows phone 7 is just getting started, and Microsoft has not exactly done much to standardize an accessory interface, but there is at least one area where 3rd parties have an easy in – the headphone socket, which allows some rudimentary control of music playback similar to the iPhone.

Via WPCentral we learn that Klipsch is working on a headphone which will be specifically designed for Windows Phone 7 devices, which is great news for Windows Phone 7 users looking to move away from the likely inadequate headphones bundled with their devices, but still want to retain some control capabilities.

We do not have a time scale for delivery of this accessory, but hopefully once we have a few million consumers looking to enhance their Windows Phone 7 devices we will see many more OEMs step up with gadgets which do just that.