Windows Phone 7 Facebook app updated, gets photo tagging and places


21, 2010


Soon after the iPhone and Android Facebook clients were updated to support Facebook’s new features, Windows Phone 7 has also been fortunate enough to receive the update to add photo tagging and Facebook Places, Facebook’s FourSquare competitor.


WP7 provides a deep integration with Facebook, but there  there are features which can only be accessed using the dedicated app. A new version 1.1 has rolled into the marketplace which adds places and photo tagging. There are still some holes in the app, like the lack of chat, a surprising omission considering that a third party app Facebook IM, can do so already! As the reviewers note, this app needs to have chat that works with Windows Live Messenger (another app that is in dire need of a full overhaul). Live tiles were supposed to be a differentiating feature for WP7, well, you wont find them on this app! Overall, it is a good app, but Microsoft needs to speed up the updates because I consider it to be one of the core apps on the platform.

The update is in Marketplace now, and should be being pushed out as we speak.

Thanks Stan for the tip.

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