Windows Phone 7 emulator skin shrunk for the vertically disadvantaged


12, 2011

currentskin image100

Tezawaly from has done anyone who it trying to play with the Windows Phone 7 emulator on a wide-screen machine a favour by shrinking down the rather hefty skin surrounding it.

At the moment it requires nearly 800 vertical pixels to display properly – with this change it is reduced significantly. 

image102He has also added some text to remind us of the shortcut keys that can be used for the hardware keys not visible – one lesser known for example is Page Up to dismiss the software keyboard and to be allowed to use the keyboard of your PC to enter text.

The skins are just some PNG’s and some XML which can be download from nanapho and will need to overwrite the existing files.  The emulator will need to be restarted to take effect.

While this hack is of course extremely practical, I cant help but feel this is a good chance for the more artistic to make their wildest dreams for WP7 handsets designs come to life on their PC screen also.

Read more and find the files at here.

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