Windows Phone 7 Email Attachment Handling

Having the ability to download attachments directly from your device is something Windows Phone has been good at for years, and it seems WP7 will have an improved way of handling this. 1800PPC recently posted a video of the new OS running on some developers devices and Pocketnow brought to our attention the part of the video where the guy shows off the email attachments and it being downloaded (2:36 in below Video).

Now to me this is very important considering I get over 100+ emails a week with attachments on most of them (thanks to Doug Simmons 😉 ) and I would love to see all those images that he sends me right from my device. Android and iPhone seem to have been monitored while MS was developing their our client for handling the emails, but at least we have and attractive but still useful way to handle our email attachments.

P.S I love how the un-optimized systems works “as smooth as butter”, that makes me happy that I am sticking with my HD2 till some new WP7 device comes out rather than buy the Samsung Vibrant.

Windows Phone 7 – June 29th – Walkthough of Developer Phone from Scott Hanselman on Vimeo.