Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners



When we post any news about Windows Phone 7 Development , lots of our readers just comment about the buzz about WP7  among developer community. They care about  it less because they are not going to develop any WP7 applications. But Microsoft is more interested in training people to develop WP7 applications even if they don’t know anything about WP7 development concepts. They have started a new series in Channel 9 which enables their vision.

“just launched an all new series that teaches beginning developers with little programming experience how to develop applications for Windows Phone 7.  This series assumes that they have absolutely no knowledge of C#, Silverlight, or mobile development.  In just a few hours, they will understand the needed concepts to build applications.”

Are you ready to go ?

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You Dream it, Build it. Happy WP7 Coding ! !

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