Windows Phone 7 data usage surge 113% since launch


Nielsen has released same data from their regular survey of smartphone users and it shows data usage has surged year on year, growing from an average of 230 MB in Q1 201o to 435 MB in Q1 2011.

Q1 2010 Q1 2011 Growth
iPhone 313 582 86%
android 312 492 58%
Windows Phone 149 317 113%
Blackberry 81 127 57%

Of course Windows Phone 7 was not even around in Q1 2010, but over the  2 quarters it has been in the market the data usage of the average Windows Phone 7 user has more than doubled, rising from 149 MB to 317 MB.  It is speculated that this may be due the the increasing number of online services available via Marketplace.

Of note is that Windows Phone 7 is clearly in a different class of product as Windows Mobile or Blackberry OS, and usage patterns appear to be heading in the same direction as the iPhone and Android use at a pretty rapid pace, and in fact may be at a similar level already as we enter Q3 2011.

It also suggests to get the most out of your Windows Phone it would be unwise to buy the lower tier data packages, which often only provide around 200 MB of data allowance, significantly lower than average use.

How much data are our readers using per month and on what services? Let us know below.