Windows Phone 7 copy and paste spotted in the wild



It appears the next update of Windows Phone 7, with cut and paste included, is being pushed out to select developer handsets.

A reader send us in a description of a Samsung Taylor, running built 7.0.7338.0 of the software with firmware: 2250.005.6541.0 (current built is 7.0.7004.0) with the feature implemented.

He writes:

A user can tap a word in mail, IE, Word, etc and that word is then highlighted with arrows on both sides. One can then drag to the left or right to include more words. An icon appears above the highlighted word(s) (looks very similar to the copy icon in Office 2010) to copy. Open a new document, once the cursor is set/blinking and the soft keyboard appears, a paste icon (again, looks the same as the paste icon in Office 2010) is shown just above the top row of letters.

In “Messaging”, a user can long press a specific IM which open up the hidden menu that now includes copy. Paste where you wish…

Unfortunately his exploration of the OS did not reveal any multi-tasking or the other goodies that have been rumoured, but then Copy and Paste was in the end the only feature that has really been promised in public.

If any of our readers want to send us video of Copy and Paste in action on a developer handset, the contact form in top right 😉 (note – the picture is just our usual copy and paste mockup)

Great thanks to Joey for the tip.

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