Windows Phone 7 coming to Ukraine in October/November

ITCChannel have had a hands-on with a near-final build of Windows Phone 7 in Ukraine, and came away with a generally good impression.

He notes the OS (running on the LG Panther) ran quickly without noticeable delay and liked the user interface, which he called unlike any other, but still easy to to work with and easy to adapt to.

WP7 browser does landcape He called the browser acceptable in speed, and did not encounter any rendering errors, noted that Windows Phone could be set up to upload pictures automatically to Facebook and Windows Live (what Microsoft has called no-button sharing in the past), said Microsoft Office was very good and synchronized with Sharepoint and Windows Live, and that the Zune software was fully integrated.

He also mentioned devices running the OS will reach the Ukrainian market in October or November, but that the region will not be supported by Marketplace at least initially for paid application, but free applications should be available (a bit like the Android Marketplace) , and that Microsoft would likely not promote the OS heavily there.

He concludes:

In general, Windows Phone 7 left a good impression, running the operating system quickly enough and in the time I had to use it I could not detect any errors. I saw the almost finished product, so when in the near future smartphones based on this platform appears it will no doubt worth it.

Read his full impressions here.(Russian)