Windows Phone 7 Chassis 2 form factor leaked


 Windows Phone 7 Chassis 2 and 3?

In an recent Australian podcast  Microsoft Australia Developer Evangelist hosts (Michael Kordahi and Andrew Coates) revealed some more information about the other possible Windows Phone 7 series form factors.

We already know Chassis 1 describes a full touch slab device with a high performance processor.  It now appears Chassis 2 describes a portrait device with a sliding keyboard, like the Palm Treo (or more likely the Pure leaked by Gizmodo).

The final Chassis design, number 3, was not specified. One podcaster suggested a candybar, but I suspect a bigger likelihood would be a landscape slider like the Turtle, also leaked by Gizmodo and confirmed by many other sources.

Windows Phone 7 will only have a very limited form factors, to make it easier for developers to create applications without worrying about variation in performance, resolution, RAM, control surfaces and the many features which often help us decide which handset to get.

Do any of our readers regret this paring down in form factors we can expect over the next year, or is this standardization move long overdue?  Let us know below.