Windows Phone 7 Chassis 2 form factor finally revealed?

We have always known there were more than one “chassis” for Windows Phone 7, and that all devices we have seen so far were Chassis 1 devices, with 3.5 inch plus screens and slate or slide-out keyboard form factor.

This did of course raise the question what Chassis 2 was.

Microsoft’s ISV developer evangelist Paul Foster have have let the cat out of the bag however in a recent Silicon interview.

It notes:

WP7 devices will have one of two screen resolutions – either 800 x 480 for large touchscreen devices with the potential for slide-out Qwerty keyboards, or 480 x 320 for ‘BlackBerry’ style handsets that can incorporate a Qwerty on the front of the device. Microsoft expects the majority of WP7 devices to have the larger screen resolution at launch, with smaller resolution handsets coming later, said Foster.

Up till now we had expected the lower resolution screens to be destined for cheaper tertiary markets, but it now appears Microsoft never intended to completely abandon the “Blackberry competition” market, and we should see devices with the above form factor some time next year, by which time of course Windows Phone 7 will also have most of the business-friendly features left on the cutting table for the current release.

Are any of our readers willing to wait for the above design? Let us know below.