Windows Phone 7 can still help Windows 7 tablets, if Microsoft will let them

w7wp7There is a rumour that that Microsoft will use its October 11th Windows phone 7 launch to also preview Windows 7 tablets.  Some sites have even conflated the rumours and claimed Windows phone 7 slates are going to be presented.

We are not one of those – Steve Ballmer has made it very clear repeatedly that he sees the future of Microsoft on tablets as Windows 7. Of course the big problem with this is that Windows 7 has just not been designed for a full-touch interface, and even worse the library of applications have not been either.

Microsoft would need to address the user interface themselves, but for the application issue there is a simple solution – Windows phone 7 games and applications.

Windows Phone 7 is based on XNA and SIlverlight, both cross-platform intermediate environments which make the applications written for them compatible on the desktop, Windows phone 7 devices and even (for XNA) the Xbox 360.  With rumours of 2000 Windows Phone 7 applications set to to be available at launch it would be a quick and effective solution for the problem. It would also increase the size of the addressable market for Windows Phone 7 developers. To close the loop of course Microsoft should port Silverlight to the Xbox 360 and have a 3rd party app store for the Xbox 360, to provide viable competition to the Apple TV.

Will Microsoft do any of this?  Doubtful, but we hope to lends some support t the voices inside Microsoft who are very likely making the very same suggestions to Microsoft leadership.

What do our readers think.  Would having an alternate user interface for Windows 7 tablets running Windows Phone 7 apps make the slates more compelling to you? Let us know below.