Windows Phone 7 Browser Update Is Imminent

At the D@CES event at the Consumer Electronics Show which took place on January 7th, Walt Mossberg had conversation with Dean Hachamovitch, who heads the Internet Explorer team within the Windows unit at Microsoft. Walt and Dean were discussing about the state of the current browser landscape, Microsoft’s strategy on browser and the upcoming Internet Explorer 9’s features such as Tracking Protection. Also Privacy was the main topic in the discussion. So how does it relate to Windows Phone 7? Here it is, at the end of the session when audience were allowed to ask questions to Dean, one gentleman asked him about Windows Phone 7. Here is the exact conversation transcript ,


Question from the guy: You were talking lot about desktop browser. As more and more people are using mobile browsers,specifically Windows Phone 7 relaunched with a much more capable browser. Are you planning on bringing these features to mobile side as well?

Answer from Dean: I think the shortest answer that you can infer from is..we will be talking about our mobile browser soon and I’ll just Smile, you can infer from that.

Go to 25:25 in the video above to see by your self. If you have half an hour, better watch the entire video because its interesting. I expect Mobile World Congress next month will answer this question. What do you think?