Windows Phone 7 boot up times compared to iPhone 4, Android 2.2 and Window Mobile

Pocketnow, who have been publishing a series of videos comparing a Windows Phone 7 prototype device to Android 2.2 on the Nexus One and an iPhone 4 , have posted this video comparing boot up times of these devices, and included an HTC HD2 for good measure.

We know from previous articles that Microsoft has paid particular emphasis on getting the smartphone OS to boot up as rapidly as possible, and it appears to have paid off, with the LG Panther handily beating the other devices by nearly half a minute.

Of course I am sure most of us appreciate a stable device which does not need to be rebooted much more ( and certainly most reports for far have not complained of any such issue) but for the few who switch their phone off every night before going to bed I am sure it is a feature they will appreciate every morning for years to come Smile

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