Windows Phone 7 Bing Maps Demoed In Video

No Voice Navigation Demo? That’s pretty much all I Wanted to See

It seems Brandon still has his Windows Phone 7 device in hand because the new video was posted yesterday demoing how Maps behave in WP7. Found on his site Pocketnow, the video shows how you will be enjoying maps with WP7. He covers some menus, searches, navigation (but not voice, but I am quite sure that will be available), and everything else that really matters.

Bing Maps software looks great, and seems to be built better than what Android and iPhone has. I mean with reviews, smooth transition, home screen pinning, and more… They really know how to make a good map experience in a short time (2 years I think, bit truly more like 1 year). 

Do you think that is good enough to replace that old TomTom you have in your dashboard or do you already have your other device on there?