Windows Phone 7 apps stats–free apps do better than free trial apps

Tic-Tac-Toe 3D
Tic-tac-toe 3d can be found in Marketplace here

The headline may appear obvious, but the insight, generated from real sales data by Alan Mendelevich, who has a free, ad-driven and a for pay, with trail versions of his Tic-Tac-Toe 3D, may help developers when deciding which route to go when releasing their Windows Phone 7 game.

He notes that simple downloads for the free version of his app was 40 times more than even the trial version of his app, indicating to him at least that many users do not even look at the for pay section of Marketplace, despite the presence of good free trials for fee-based apps.

While the pay version of his app did receive many fewer downloads (and eventual purchases) than the free, ad-driven version of the app, the revenue generated was about equal in the end, and he suggests for developers to maximise revenue that they release both a free version, to tap those who were not thinking of ever paying for an app, and a for-pay version for those who do not mind spending a few dollars.

Read his full, informative post here.