Windows Phone 7 Ad… Has Less Words Than Even Metro UI

Have you ever seen a commercial that has absolutely no information as to what they are trying to sell to you… Well it seems now Windows Phone 7 has one. Just posted this morning by IntoMobile, the video shows absolutely nothing but the WP7 emulator device coming closer into focus and finally saying “Revolution”.

Now I have no major in marketing, but shouldn’t your target market know what you are trying to sell to them? I mean the commercial does not even go into details why people should go to the provided link. It just tries to be mysterious, and it is, but just a bit too much. I hope this is not what they will be using when the product actually becomes available… This ad campaign reminds me of the Droid commercials, except a lot less cool and tempting.

Microsoft, if you need a good ad campaign just simple Get Michael Bay to direct your commercial and put a lot of explosions and manly stuff then lastly have Megan fox included in the ad… Maybe just holding the phone. Guaranteed sales… Well more than the Kin Surprised smile.