Windows Phone 7: $99 Marketplace Rebate

You all know that Microsoft is charging developers $99 for submitting up to 5 applications.Here is a new way to get back $99 from Microsoft.This is what mentioned in the blog.

If you are interested in developing Windows Phone 7 applications here is a good program you should consider to signup Microsoft Platform Ready Program (MPR).  Once you become a member, you will have access to training, support, testing and marketing resources to help you take your mobile app to market faster. In addition to the standard MPR benefits you’ll also be able to receive a $99 Marketplace rebate after 2 applications are accepted into the Marketplace.  The rebate details are still to be determined, but I wanted to you get ready so when the rebate detail is there, you can take advantage of it.

For more benefit to be a member of MPR, see New Benefits for Microsoft Platform Ready for more detail.

Here is what you will do:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Download the free developer tools
  3. Get tele-tech support from Microsoft experts to speed your time to market, join now to access
  4. Get $99 Marketplace Rebate. Rebate is valid for developers who publish 2+ apps into WP7 Marketplace, rebate will be sent within 4 weeks of publishing of second app. Limited time offer.

Developers Hurry..