Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update does not install new system languages



imageWe have had an email from a disappointed Norwegian Windows Phone 7 user.

He received the Mango update for this LG Optimus 7, which at first seemed pretty great:

Thor  wrote:

I have an LG Optimus 7 open market phone and I got the 7.5 update on Tuesday (Norwegian time) and I now have access to marketplace, XBox live, Norwegian keyboard and everything.

Unfortunately that was the end of the good news:

.. except maybe the most important thing, Norwegian system language! i only have the ones that were in NoDo update. Microsoft promised that with 7.5 they added a lot of languages, included Norwegian. I purchased this phone in august, unlocked, in a Norwegian store. I don’t get it. Why don’t I have the option to select Norwegian language now when i have received 7.5?

Necro complains similarly:

After talking to HTC, LG and Microsoft in Portugal, they all confirmed the Mango update should bring Portuguese language to the existing phones. But until now, none of the phones are getting the language, although we have updated them to Mango! What is going on with the Portuguese language on Mango? Why isn’t it available after the update?

While Mango delivers increased support for other languages, it is very unlikely the update would also bring along all possible language packs, which would balloon the install to gigabyte size.  It seems to be the only solution would be for Thor and other users similarly affected to ask the OEM to make a ROM with their localized language available, now that the OS supports it.

Have any of our readers run into this problem? Let us know below.

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