Windows Mobile Zune…Speculation!


12, 2009

Author Aleis // in News

Once again its Zune Phone speculation time!

I dont know about you guys, but i actually love this.    

My contract with my current carrier is not up for another year, so the longer it is post poned the better chances of me getting a subsidized Zune phone.

Probably a strange way of looking at it…but!
All I need is a what we mentioned in our previous article on the ZuneHD  but with a send and end button to dial out.

Some of us (most of our readers here) have already experienced windows 6.5 and love it! (How are you with it Wreid?).

it does have its bugs but…it is a “BETA”. And for the most part it reminds you of the Zune interface!

There are tons of thread dedicated to customizing even windows 6.5 already!

The question we pose now is…what do you want or would like from your ZuneHD phone?

let us know and we can see what we can do (a little less than nothing but..)!



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