Windows Mobile to have faster adoption in business than RIM in 2010


In a survey of 218 US businesses, Boston-based Aberdeen group has found more than twice as many businesses intended to implement Windows Mobile solutions than Blackberry-based solutions in 2010.

While RIM’s Blackberry was more widely implemented in 2009, with 74% of businesses using the devices vs 63% using Windows Mobile, only 3% of the companies surveyed intended to introduce the platform to their business, vs 7% new wins for Windows Mobile.

That would bring Windows Mobile adoption up to 70% of US businesses, compared to 77% for Blackberry.

The Aberdeen group notes that this could be a warning sign to RIM that their enterprise momentum has slowed considerably, likely due to their new focus on consumer rather than enterprise features.

Both iPhone and Android are also growing strongly in business, but with a single mobile incident being able to cost up to $2.1 million in Sarbanes Oxley penalties businesses should be thinking twice about supporting these unproven platforms.


With only 4% of businesses planning to adopt WebOS, Palm has yet to convince the market that WebOS has a future.

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