Windows Mobile Starter Edition to be announced at Mobile World Congress

wmstarter A mis-sent press pack seems to have alerted Neowin to the imminent announcement of a new version of Windows Mobile at Mobile World Congress.

No, we are not talking Windows Mobile 7 here, but in fact a lower-tier version called Windows Mobile Starter Edition.

Like Windows 7 Starter edition, this version is meant for developing markets and will be based on Windows Mobile 6.X.

Starter Edition itself will come in two versions, one with Office Mobile and one without. Windows Mobile Starter Edition will also support 2G (GSM), 2.5G (EDGE, GPRS) and CDMA (Rev A, EV-DO Revision A) or or TD-SCDMA. It’s not yet clear whether 3G will be supported.

We have previously heard rumours that Windows Mobile 6.5 will become free in developing markets, which fits in nicely with this leak.

At WMPU we cant say this fragmentation between markets is advisable, and suggests Microsoft rather find other ways of making their $15 per license, for example a cut of application sales, music and video sales or premium services such as extra storage on My Phone.

What do our readers think of Microsoft’s strategy?  Let us know below.