Windows Mobile shows up in Knightrider, elsewhere



It seems Microsoft and its Windows Mobile OEM’s are making a concerted effort to raise the profile of Windows Mobile, and one of the tools they are using in product placement. The above screen cap is from an Episode of the new Knightrider, showing one of the characters receiving a text message on an Xperia X1.

Windows Mobile is also making a regular appearance in the online sci-fi series the Gemini division, and Windows Mobile is also sponsoring the Ellen DeGeneres Ellen for Cure segment, giving away $10 000 every time Ellen dunks a celebrity. (see below)

While Windows Mobile is long overdue some mainstream promotion, one can not help but feel the money could be better spent improving the eye candy on the devices itself, as the visual appearance of the OS itself is often the first impression which makes prospective new users decide if they are willing to take on the OS or not.

What do you think? Is their new promotions money well spent or a waste of time? Leave us a comment below.

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