Windows Mobile sales surprisingly flat in Q1 2010

Gartner Smartphone Sales Q1 2010

Gartner have released their Q1 2010 figures for smartphone sales, and unsurprisingly Windows Mobile has continued to lose market share. What is surprising is how well the numbers have held up, with sales between Q1 2009 and Q1 2010 being virtually the same, despite the OS basically being end of life’d at Mobile World Congress  in February this year.

Of course the smartphone market did grow nearly 50% YoY, which may account for some of those Windows Mobile sales, and of course excellent flagship devices such as the HTC HD2 would have helped.

Windows Mobile market share now stands at 6.8%, well below Android, and there is a strong sense of the OS being phased out, despite Microsoft’s stated intent to keep it hanging around as an enterprise operating system. Windows Phone 7 is still around 3-6 months away, which means its pretty likely sales numbers will continue to tank.

Readers will therefore forgive us if we keep our eyes focussed on Windows Phone 7 and its fortunes, because it’s likely by Q1 2011 Windows Mobile sales will be measured in thousands rather than millions.

A little titbit of note is that Gartner claims HTC sales of 2.6 million, while Windows Mobile sales are 3.7 million.  I guess HTC does not sell 80% of Windows Mobile handsets after all…