“Windows Mobile remains HTC’s number one operating system in terms of new models”, low-end Android going to China



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htc-Firestone2 Speaking to Dow Jones, HTC CEO Peter Chou said, while they plan to expand into China with new Android handsets, “Windows Mobile remains HTC’s number one operating system in terms of new models.”

HTC intends to expand its low to mid-range device profile, currently forming 20-30% if its sales, to over 50%  by moving into emerging markets with lower-priced handsets. It is likely this figure which led Digitimes to misunderstand HTC’s intention to move Android to 50%+ of their devices.

HTC last year sold 800 000 handsets into China, and hope to increase this 1 million this year. HTC hopes to achieve this by launching up to 5 handsets, most running Android, in China, taking advantage of the 3G build-out and China Mobile’s keen interest in Android.

HTC intends to increase its handset shipments by "double digit percentage" by taking advantage of emerging markets while still maintaining a 30% margin, an act that is difficult to achieve and which has undone Motorola and Sony Ericson, amongst others.

"We think we’ll maintain our profit," Chou said, even as a consensus of analysts polled by Reuters was less sanguine, predicting a 7% profit decline for full year 2009, to T$26.3bn ($800m).

HTC also hinted they may be open to mergers and acquisitions, but at present it is questionable which company would be most synergistic with the Taiwanese handset manufacturer.

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