Windows Mobile phones tops Krusell smartphone list, kicks iPhone out of top 10

Krusell, Swedish maker of exclusive luxury cases for smartphones worldwide has seen the iPhone dropping out of its list of top 10 devices buying cases in January 2009, to be replaced by a cadre of very capable Windows Mobile devices.

The list, which now features luminaries like the Samsung Omnia, Touch HD, Xperia X1 and the Touch Diamond, is currently topped by the very well selling Samsung Omnia.

Krusell – TOP-10 selling phones in January 2009.

1. (1) Samsung SGH-i900/i910 Omnia
2. (-) HTC Touch HD
3. (9) Nokia E51
4. (-) Blackberry Storm
5. (2) Nokia 6300
6. (5) Nokia 3109
7. (7) Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia
8. (8) Nokia E71
9. (-) Nokia 6220
10. (10) HTC Diamond
() = Last month’s position.

We recently brought news that Windows Mobile outsold the iPhone in Q4 2008, and indirect indicators like this go to confirm that talks of the demise of the platform pretty unwarranted (especially if you want to sell cases) 🙂

Read the Krusell press release here.