Windows Mobile port pays off for Royal Revolt developer


Royal Revolt is an MMORPG by Flaregames which started on iOS and Android in 2012. It came to the Windows Store in 2014, with some help from Microsoft, and the developer reports the port has been really successful, with the game generating about a third of the game’s total revenue from Windows devices, such as Windows tablets and Windows phones.

The surprise is that most of this revenue has been from Windows Mobile devices, says flaregames’ Business Development Director and Co-founder Georg Broxtermann.

“We doubled the revenues for the game in 2015 [compared to 2014] on Windows mobile devices,” said Georg.

This does not mean Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform is not of interest to Flaregames.

Georg also noted that the unified Windows platform allows for many opportunities for the company going forward.

“Expanding the reach of our games is naturally of great interest to us. Bringing our biggest brands to all Microsoft platforms would therefore present a fantastic longer-term achievement for us as a company,” he said.

With the advent of Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), flaregames’ future Windows games, such as the newly released real-time strategy title “Dawn of Steel,” will be designed to work on any Windows 10 tablet, PC, and mobile phone with a single app release.

Flaregames credited their success on great support by Microsoft, starting with technical support, but also including promotions and features.

A high quality game also helps of course, with  “Royal Revolt II” garnered a Tabby Award for Users’ Choice in the Best iPad RPG, Simulation, & Strategy category, and was a nominee in the Excellence in Gameplay category of the 11th International Mobile Gaming Awards.

Add to their success by checking out their game here.

Royal Revolt 2
Royal Revolt 2
Developer: flaregames GmbH
Price: Free+
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