Windows Mobile Marketplace spotted briefly in the wild

screen145 screen144

It seems the Windows Mobile Marketplace has performed an impromptu walk-on act over  at PPCGeeks, where MrHawaii was able to get it all up and running on his WM 6.5 Touch Diamond.  

If you are like me, than you have been playing with WinMo 6.5 beta roms and have seen the Marketplace Icon. I have opened it numerous times and never paid attention to it because it always said "Coming Soon" or something of the sorts. Today I clicked on it and it said CAB needed to be installed. After install, voila! Marketplace open for business. I already downloaded Pandora successfully. There are not too many fun apps yet and most of them come with a charge. But the layout of the store was very finger friendly and very snappy.

In all likelihood Microsoft has been doing some testing, but it seems all systems are in place to launch the software sales platform as soon as Microsoft is ready to throw the switch.