Windows Mobile Automated Testing Plan confirms Windows Mobile ‘7’ and Windows CE ‘Chelan’ link


There has been much speculation about the basis of Windows Mobile 7, with some saying it will be Windows CE 6.0, an embedded OS that has been released around 2 years ago, and others claiming it will be the very latest and still shadowy Windows CE 7, code named Chelan.

From an Windows Mobile 7 Automated Testing plan we recently uncovered, it appears Windows Mobile 7 and Windows CE 7 will be intimately linked, and should arrive on the market around the same time.

Windows CE 7 brings with it a number of very desirable features that should make Windows Mobile 7 devices pretty competitive in the market.  Some highlights are multi-touch support, IE7 + class web browsing, and a user interface based on technologies like Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight.

Read the document yourself here.