Windows Mobile ad click through rate higher than iPhone’s – developers missing an ad-supported trick?



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OS Click Through Rate

Smaato Inc., a leading mobile ad optimizer and mobile advertising agency, has released its latest global mobile advertising metrics, Smaato’s Worldwide Index – which analyzes ad network fill rates and sheds important light on click-through rates (CTR) segmented by handset operating system, geography and response times. It  is based on data collected from 35 mobile ad networks and over 4 billion ad requests served in the Smaato network of more than 3,000 registered mobile publishers in February 2010.

They report that the click through rate for ads on the iPhone/iPod Touch has dropped from 119 in December 2009 to 89 in February 2010, while Windows Mobile increased to 91.

With Windows Mobile click through rates higher than on Apple’s mobile devices, developers may be missing a revenue channel not exploited much on Windows Mobile – ad supported applications.  With only 20% of applications free in the Windows Mobile Marketplace and the average cost of Windows Mobile applications hovering around $6.50, developers who release free apps may be at a competitive advantage compared to their peers that charge.

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