Windows Mobile a better Carputer than Windows XP?

 carmusic cargps

Certainly Mr Speedmaster from XDA-Developers thinks so. He replaced his XP-based car computer  with one based on his Verizon HTC Touch Pro (with the video-out fixed of course). He reports the following advantages:

I had a carputer (see my other YouTube videos) but the HTC Touch Pro kicks ***.
I was dealing with Road Runner and no album art. The Bluetooth GPS always needed to be re-paired. IGo does not run in Windows XP, etc…..
With the HTC Touch Pro, I have everything I want. I even use Web Video Downloader to download YouTube music videos in mp4 and play them on my phone while I drive.

Certainly its clear that a Windows Mobile phone and its 3rd party software is already optimized for use on the go, and directing the output to a large screen just makes it better.

Read this XDA- Developers thread for more about this hack.