Windows Mobile 7 to be “Revolutionary”



wm7new3Contrary to the pedestrian screen shot we have seen earlier, Windows Mobile in motion must look much better, as SoloPalmari reports from Mobius:

Revolutionary, no need to take away: the next version of Windows Mobile, as shown by the leaks and the first screenshots of the new system, the Web will soon be spring, we are faced with an upheaval of the logic of interaction and not just a substantial revision of the interface. The concept of “applications”, as the programs continue to live their important identities, will bend to the principle of “user experience”.
Finally the performance, the fluidity in the display of screens, images and icons becomes a priority. As powerful and versatile Windows Mobile will be next, will never submit to slowdowns and delays in the response. How will, indeed, as they did to achieve this result is not yet technically clear. But developers say Microsoft is certain: the experience of use to forget the “old” Windows Mobile.

Sounds a bit like TouchFlo3D, doesn’t it?

Whatever was shown off must have been pretty impressive, as Ryan Block, former chief editor of Engadget reportedly said in a now deleted tweet:

@ryanblock watching a really amazing demo. Really. Amazing.

Hopefully whatever Microsoft is cooking up will reach market sooner rather and later.


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