Windows Mobile 7 showing up in Microsoft upcoming events

windows-phone-7 Microsoft is a large company with fingers in many pies, and when it comes to working with business it is difficult to keep all your clients in the dark.

Therefore it is no surprise that news of Windows Mobile 7 is starting to show up as agenda items in Microsoft’s event planners – how would business clients be able to know which event to plan to attend if they do not have enough notice?

MSFTKitchen noticed Windows Mobile 7 being discussed at the Energize IT 2010, will be held in Canada on March 30, 2010 in the session is titled “From the Client to the Cloud V 2.0.”

Windows Azure. Office System 2010. Visual Studio 2010. Windows Phone 7. The Microsoft-based platform presents a bevy of opportunities for all of us. Whether you are an IT Manager, Developer, or IT Pro knowing how these will impact you is critical, especially in the new economic reality.

To start the day we will explore the Microsoft-based platform through a scenario that will demonstrate different points of view – from developer to IT Pro; from consumer to the information worker. From the client to the cloud, this fun-filled demo-intensive exploration will excite you about the possibilities of the Microsoft-based platform. You’ll see how to build next generation applications with technology like Silverlight, .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. You will find out how to consume those applications on a variety of devices, like mobile devices running Windows Phone, netbooks and PCs running Windows 7, as well as the web. You will learn about how the Microsoft-based platform allows you to connect with your colleagues no matter where you are –office, coffee shops, or your own living room. You’ll also see how you and your colleagues can be even more productive with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

In the afternoon we will split in two tracks focused on managing and deploying infrastructure, and the development process. These tracks will help you answer the question “How do I get to the latest technology from my current reality?” You’ll learn about the technical details required for you to be ready to implement some of the technologies demonstrated in the morning sessions and help offer a clear learning and experimentation roadmap, and action plan.

EnergizeIT: From the Client to the Cloud is your opportunity to learn how to harness the power and flexibility of the Microsoft-based platform from the client to the cloud.

In short, it seems, after the announcement, all secrets will be off and Windows Mobile 7 will be discussed pretty freely.

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