Windows Mobile 7 and Zune Phone could be one and the same

Freyberry from XDA-Developers has put in to words something I think may well be the case with regards to Windows Mobile 7.

There are numerous rumours around about things like the “Zune Phone”, and WM7 “Business” and “Media”, but what if the two are interrelated? The “Media” edition could well be a specific build for a Microsoft/Zune branded device.

I don’t think it will be two versions, rather two “experiences”, which means there will be phones with custom UIs like HTC Sense and other phones with Microsoft’s UI plus additional services (a bit like what Google does with the Nexus one, but in the case of WM7, the Microsoft controlled phones will probably offer additional features).

So, the Microsoft hardware could well be marketed as the “Zune Phone” and be heavily linked with the Zune services, with OEMs free to continue as they are with WM ad custom UIs. The Microsoft build could also have some of those limitations that are mildly worrying like no multitasking (seems logical given the Zune HD doesn’t support it).

Would Microsoft doing what Google have done be suicide for the platform, or could it boost sales of their much improved mobile OS? Would you by a Microsoft Phone?